Breaking the Cycle

Why We Do It: Testimonies from our Recent Graduates


Our staff recently took initiative with some of our recent graduates and held a special gathering just for them.

The report that came to us expressed the following:

The purpose of the ceremony was meant to show our deepest happiness and acknowledge their efforts throughout the years. We were moved by their diligence and the miracles God has made to OA. While celebrating the event, we were convinced to prepare a career-focused panel discussion to help the graduates to face the next chapter in their life. The topic was pertinent to the student’s status.

The second session of the program was dedicated to celebrating and acknowledging the efforts of the graduates, OA staff, and donors. Some graduates were invited to reflect on the long years of service given to them by the organization. The speech was so emotional since they were narrating from their first day of admission to the current graduation day. They were filled with tears and lacked words to express their gratitude. Some of the quotes taken while they were speaking are cited below.”

This is the Story of our Graduates and Their Testimonies

“Education was a luxury to me and my family. When I first started schooling, I was hoping to know how to read and write but today I have graduated from college! I can’t believe it! The organization went extra miles to support me! I have no words to thank them all. I wanted to give my gift to the office staff.”

“When OA started admitting new students into the program, I was almost the last and got favor from God to be in the program. It was a miracle to me! I can’t afford to attend class in boarding school and experience the life-changing situation by myself if not with the help of OA and my sponsor. The organization has created a platform for me to go out and use my potentials to the best of my abilities. My sponsor, I love you so much! Now on, I wanted to contribute to the organization and the Korah community in every aspect that I can. I wanted to change the negative names of Korah by doing something undone before. The staff were real brothers and sisters. They have impacted my life in different directions. Thank you so much.” (Wondimagen) 

“Passing from grade to grade was surprising for me. I didn’t imagine myself as I can go from one level to the next.  God has used you (staff, donors, and sponsors) to bring out the miracles in us. When God works, he needs people who submit to his word and work with him. You all were the right people. I can’t and do not forget the caring, the love, and the passion poured on me by these entire God’s people. I always wonder how a sponsor who lives in a far distant land with different colors, cultures, and belief systems, longs to see me, help me, and worries about me! My sponsor taught me the importance of living for others without discrimination. I love her to the moon and the earth.  Let the blessing of God be on her gate all the time.” (Dagmawit)

“We grew up in this organization. The organization has envisioned ‘a great hope’ in us while we were living in Koshe (Korah). I don’t have words to state how I feel about every good thing done to me all the way to this graduation day. I love you all.” (Yigrmachew)

“You (sponsors, donors, and staff) have done a lot to bring us to this day. You should be proud. We will keep you in our hearts throughout our lives. We love you so much.” (Meseret and Helen)

At the end of this time of sharing, the OA Staff prepared a gift for everyone: a devotional book with different topics. The books were passed out as the staff and students celebrated with some cake and refreshments.

You can view photos from this celebration below.

God is so good!


Praise From People

Who Work With Us

Education Breeds Confidence

Confidence breeds Hope.
Hope breeds Peace.

It is impossible to imagine all of the differences your sponsorship will make in a child’s life.

Education Breeds Confidence

Confidence breeds Hope.
Hope breeds Peace.

It is impossible to imagine all of the differences your sponsorship will make in a child’s life.


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