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Stacy Segebarth

Stacy is the Co-Founder, Visionary and serves as the Executive Director (That’s just a fancy name for Chief Volunteer) at Out of the Ashes. She has worked in the International non-profit sector for more than a decade. Stacy’s non-profit career started after she spent nearly two months in Kazakhstan while adopting their third daughter. She saw the lack of simple care and hopelessness and came home knowing she had to try to change the world. It was on that trip that she came to know Jesus in a profound way, and that experience transformed her way of thinking and paved the way for her to live a life of service to others.

Out of the Ashes was started after visiting Ethiopia on a mission trip in 2012. Stacy was overwhelmed by what she had seen and envisioned a program that would provide people with the skills they needed to overcome poverty, protect themselves from injustices and help them to live lives that were full of opportunity. She is passionate about being a voice for the voiceless and bringing hope to the hopeless.

She and her husband Brad are business owners in Lebanon, MO where they live with their four daughters and two sweet Grandsons. She is also known as “Mama Stacy” to many more children around the globe. Stacy is also active in community service and serves on various boards. In her free time, She can be found in the gym or traveling.


Kimberly Bass

Kimberly started traveling with OA in 2016 and absolutely fell in love with the Organization and the people of Korah. She came to work for us in official capacity in June of 2018 as our Sponsorship Coordinator. Kimberly is married to Jim, and together they have 2 girls Sophia (13) and Sadie (10) and live in the Twin Cities of Minnesota.


Lauren Mitchell

After stepping away from her teaching position out of obedience to God’s call on her life, Lauren joined OA as our Finance Coordinator in November 2018. She and her husband live in Lebanon, MO with their 3 small children, Tripp, Paxton,and Abbigail. Lauren and her husband currently sponsor and look forward to being able to travel to Ethiopia with OA in the future! Lauren has a heart for service and ministry and is excited for what God has planned for her family to build His Kingdom here on earth!
Isaiah 58:6-7


Lori Anderson-Printy

From the start of Out of The Ashes Lori has served as Board President, Medical Missions Leader and Sponsor. Lori first traveled to Ethiopia with OA founders, Stacy and Brad Segebarth, in January 2013. Since then she has focused her efforts on developing a medical missions program which supports the OA students as well as the community of Korah Ethiopia. As Board President, Lori also meets regularly with our Ethiopian partners on issues related to budgeting, operations, student development and medical care.

Lori lives in Ohio where she owns a healthcare company. She is the founder of the White Coat Brigade, a medical mission, which is the centerpiece of her company’s corporate social responsibility. Lori’s other nonprofit service includes board positions with Medwish International and A Special Wish Foundation.

Lori is the mother of six children including three daughters who were adopted internationally. She is inspired by her beautiful, resilient daughters and God’s calling to look after orphans, James 1:27.


Hirchie Schaffner

Hirchie Schaffner started in Ministry at age 19 after having a life changing encounter with the Person of Jesus.Hirchie served as the Pastor and Founder of The Gathering Place Ministry Center for fourteen years.

God has also granted him the opportunity to minister in various regions throughout the United States as well as on the Navajo and Apache Reservations. He has also had the privilege to share the Love of God in England, Wales, Australia, Mexico and Ethiopia.

Hirchie has served on the board of OA since it’s inception and along with his wife Sara have a deep passion for Ethiopia, especially for those from the Korah region.

Hirchie and his wife Sara have been married since 1998 and have 4 wonderful kids: Yohannes, Emma, Evan and Annalise


Richard Hobbs Jr.

Retired US Marine Corps Colonel, former Restaurant and Lodging owner, Dick has spent the last five years working directly with OA on both Summer and Winter Mission Trips. He and his wife Yolanda have sponsored six children in our Program. His experience with small business development and ownership bring a business focus to our Board. He has served on several charitable Boards and continues to serve in leadership roles in his home Church in Sun City, AZ.


Brad Segebarth

Brad is the Co-Founder and serves on the board at Out of the Ashes. He is a husband of Stacy, father to four amazing daughters and “Grampa” to two boys. In his spare time, He enjoys hunting and playing tennis or pickleball.

Brad has decades of experience as a nationally recognized entrepreneur. He has successfully built several businesses, and strategically consulted growing businesses to help them flourish at the next level. Currently, Brad is the Co-Owner/Chief Operating Officer of Lebanon Auto Transport, serves on the Board of Directors of Stockmens Bank of Colorado and owns several small businesses.

He came to know Jesus in a profound way at age 40 and that has changed the direction of his life. Brad believes through the Gospel of Christ, education, leadership, and wisdom that Korah will move forward as a community. He is determined to make a difference and encourage others to work toward a brighter future for the children of Korah.


Murad Salia

My name is Murad Salia. I was raised in the village of Korah in a very poor family. We lacked many basic necessities and often felt there was no hope for change. Four of my friends and I caught a vision to give children in Korah the opportunity for a quality education with which to change their lives. We didn’t want them to feel hopeless as we did throughout our childhoods. God blessed our vision and through partnership with American ministries we have been able to see our dream come to life in many children in Korah. Most of us are no longer living in Ethiopia but the work goes on through organizations like Out of Ashes and I am so blessed to still be a part of it. I am now living in Columbus Ohio with my wife and two beautiful, naughty girls and one surprise on the way.

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Education Breeds Confidence

Confidence breeds Hope.
Hope breeds peace.

It is impossible to imagine all of the differences your sponsorship will make in a child’s life

Education Breeds Confidence

Confidence breeds Hope.
Hope breeds peace.

It is impossible to imagine all of the differences your sponsorship will make in a child’s life


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