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Stories from the Trenches: Highlights from the January 2020 Trip to Korah

On any given trip to Korah as part of our nightly routine, our team sits down after dinner to participate in something we call “Highs and Lows”. As it’s name would suggest, this is a time for us to hit pause from our busy days of serving to reflect & process together. This is not an activity we take lightly. It is fully necessary for every team member’s well-being and mental/emotional health during our busy weeks on the ground.

We see a lot of hard things on these trips.  We hold babies with HIV/AIDS. We hold hands with Lepers. We actively engage with those not physically or mentally well. We are invited into homes that have dirt floors, tarps for roofs that are smaller than some of our closets.

As a team, it not only helps cement our unity, but also serves as a time to reflect and be present with one another as we laugh & cry our way through the week we spend “in the trenches”. 

As we sit here after another amazing trip to Korah, we want to invite you to pull up a seat and enjoy reading about some of our “Highs and Lows” in this Newsletter. We are always fully aware that we could not do what we do “in the trenches” without those of you back home cheering us on & supporting us prayerfully, financially, and otherwise.

We are so grateful for the amazing team that served in Korah with us and for the entire Out of the Ashes Community. Your love & encouragement are needed and always noticed.

With Much Love and Thankfulness,
Stacy Segebarth




This past year we had a milestone moment: we achieved 100% Sponsorship within the Out of the Ashes’ student list.

Having hit that milestone, we decided to add fifty new kids to our ranks.

We had a chance last July to visit the homes of some of these fifty new kids. To say that they and their families were excited for the opportunity to join Out of the Ashes and be able to go to school would be an understatement. As we visited with the parents of these fifty new kids, many told us that they had waited anxiously for weeks to receive word on whether their son or daughter had received an invitation.

On this trip, we were able to not only visit their homes, but also paid a visit to their schools.

Here’s what we can tell you: they are a joy-filled, excited, and energetic cohort to be sure!

They were eager to engage with us whether inviting us to play games, or asking us to listen as they showed off their English speaking skills in spoken word and at times through singing.

We are beyond excited to watch this group of bright-eyed, fresh-faced little ones rise through the ranks of school as they pursue their dreams of becoming doctors, teachers, engineers, pilots and beyond.

We currently have around 24 of these new students who do not currently have a Sponsor.

If you or someone you know think you would be a good match to come alongside & cheer them on as they pursue their dreams — just click on the button below to be taken to our current “Waiting Children” list on our website. We would love to help connect you to a child. Every trip is proof positive to us that Sponsorship not only changes the life of the Student — but of their families and their community at large as well!


When we were in Ethiopia in January I got to sit down with one of our social workers, Elias, and learn more about him. 

I was incredibly moved by his story and asked him if he would share it with our sponsors and Out of the Ashes, Inc. family. It was another full circle moment for me when I learned about how Sponsorship had also changed his life.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
~ Stacy 

Elias’s Story 

“My name is Eliyas Tegenu I was born in Adama Ethiopia, 100 km away from Addis Ababa, east direction, in August 1991 A.D. My mothers name is Tsige Biruse and she lived in Adama a rural village near Debrezeit. She lived there because she did not have good relationship with her step- mother. For that reason she escaped to Adama and was working as maid. At that time she was fourteen years old.  In one home there was a young son and she was continually raped by him. Because of this situation one child came into this world and that child was me. She was in that home until I was six months old. 

Shortly after after that she left that home and went back to her father’s home and was living there for two years. She had many life challenges and she decided to leave me in my grandfather’s home and go to Debrezeit to work as maid again.  In my grandfather’s home life was challenging and they did not have the capacity to send me school. 

But God is good and he had a great plan for my life. 

The new chapter and new story of my life happened in 2001 A.D. That was the year that I got the opportunity to join Compassion International, a child sponsorship program. I finally got a chance to go to school just like the like other children, and my mom got to take me to from the village to Debrezeit with her.  At this time my mother was working at a market,  a simple business, like selling a cereal for survival life, and she had also gotten married and she had given birth to a new child, my sister. They still could not afford basic things for the family. 

Compassion International Ethiopia is the major part of my life story because more than anything they know Christ and I accepted him as my savior. They also work on holistic development: psychosocial, cognitive, spiritual and economic developments.

I got the opportunity to develop a biblical world view for the purposeful life. I was able to join University and got the opportunity to work in the fifth dimension growth area  with leadership development and that was a great chance for me in all dimensions of my life to sustain and thrive in holistic growth.

So in all of this I want to praise the almighty God that has done a great thing for me and who gave a merciful compassionate heart for my sponsor and next I want to say thank you and God bless you for my sponsor, Compassion International and all of my project staff workers and LDP facilitator for their undeniable positive impact in my life.

God saw in my life by means of compassion. “Now the time has come, the time of reaping and harvesting” because I am their fruit, God has given me an opportunity as a social worker at Out of the Ashes, to equip a child’s mind, heart and life that is also passing through the challenging life like me. I am glad and praise lord for he has given me an opportunity to serve this generation and the issues that have a great place in his heart. “




Praise From People

Who work with us

Education Breeds Confidence

Confidence breeds Hope.
Hope breeds peace.

It is impossible to imagine all of the differences your sponsorship will make in a child’s life

Education Breeds Confidence

Confidence breeds Hope.
Hope breeds peace.

It is impossible to imagine all of the differences your sponsorship will make in a child’s life


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