Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all~ Aristotle


How Sponsorship Works

It is impossible to imagine all of the differences your sponsorship will make in a child’s life. Without sponsors, there are many barriers to attaining a life worth living. With sponsors, there are bright opportunities for a full and fruitful life.

Sponsorship provides:

  • Formal Education
  • Nutritious Meals, Housing and Clothing
  • Preventative Health Care
  • Immeasurable improvement in the child’s self worth provided by the assurance that someone in the world knows and cares about them.

A basic tenet of the OA sponsor program is the belief that a positive and supportive relationship between Student and Sponsor provides encouragement and guidance necessary for successful performance in school. Therefore we have intentionally kept sponsorship fees low to encourage high levels of sponsor participation.

We have committed to the 250 children in our program and want to make sure that there is no break in education for any reason. So in an effort to make sure all 250 of the program students continue in our program and that their needs are fully met we have expanded our sponsorship. We have added  sponsorship options to include specific needs in the areas of Nutrition, Shelter and Medical. The new sponsorship levels provide affordable ways to provide ongoing support our Students. The students will now have even better resources. We are hoping that eventually each child will have a family of four Sponsors, or that each child will be fully covered in the 4 different ways.

We currently have 42 students who need a sponsor. We cannot keep this program sustainable without sponsors. For information about students that are available for sponsorship please contact

PRIMARY (Education) Sponsorship

$80 per month ( $950 Per year)

Primary sponsors provide a child with the tuition necessary to attend school. Very often Primary Sponsors establish positive, supportive relationships with their sponsored child providing critical encouragement and guidance necessary for success in school. This is the heart of the OA program and represents the long-term solution to breaking the cycle of devastating poverty in Korah.

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Nutrition Sponsorhip

$30 per month ( $360 per year)

Food scarcity in Korah is an ever present challenge. Recognizing that children simply cannot learn when they are hungry, Nutrition Sponsors provide each child with three balanced meals both during the school year and on school break.

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Safe Shelter Sponsorship

$30 per month ( $360 per year)

Many of OA’s students are homeless and previously were living in the trash dump located on the outskirts of Korah. Safe Shelter sponsors provide for both dorms during the school year and supports a permanent shelter in Korah that houses homeless students during school breaks. The shelter also functions as a feeding center, make shift clinic and summer school. Safe Shelter Sponsors also provide for other basic living needs such as clothing, shoes and hygiene supplies.

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Medical Sponsorship

$30 per month ( $360 per year)

Meeting the basic medical needs of OA’s students is paramount to overall success in school. Medical Sponsors provide each child with annual well exams and sick visits with a doctor, medicines and vitamins. Medical Sponsorships also support a fund which provides urgent, emergency and even surgical care as needed.

All Students in the Out of the Ashes’ Program are monitored by  social workers and staff. The staff supports and oversees their academic progress, as well as facilitate communication between the sponsors and the students.

** Your sponsorship donation will link you to a student in our program but it can not be made as a restricted donation. OA retains the right to exercise full control and discretion over the donated funds to be used for the purpose of the Program.**

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Pay Your Quarterly or Annual Tuition

If you would like to pay your quarterly or annual tuition payment for your sponsored child, simply click the button below to begin.